Gal*Gun: Double Peace Special Edition to Release This Summer for US and Europe

March 25, 2016, Bristol, UK – Now that you’ve had time to fully prepare your bodies, Rice Digital invites you to peek up the proverbial skirt of this blushing and beautiful Gal*Gun Double Peace ‘Mr. Happiness’ Edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

This year’s most outrageous (yet thoroughly tasteful!) new shooter from Inti Creates and PQube, features Houdai, a young man who, after being shot by a Cupid angel, must survive an onslaught of smitten Academy girls hell-bent on declaring their love for him at any cost!

Only by wielding a Pheromone Gun, which can deliver a dose of euphoria at the pull of a trigger, can he keep the girls at bay – and find a safe path to his one true love!

Now, exclusive to Europe and the North America is a new way for you to get some extra enjoyment out of this delectable slice of moe-action – the ‘Mr. Happiness Edition!’

The Gal*Gun Double Peace Special “Mr. Happiness” Edition includes:

  • Gal*Gun Double Peace, with a premium quality art book and a set of 4 DLC costumes that are included in the Mr Happiness Edition of the game: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons, and Sakurazaki Squad 777
  • Exclusive Shinobu and Maya wall scroll
  • Official Gal*Gun Double Peace soundtrack
  • Supreme, ULTRA-RARE, extra-soft Mr. Happiness “Screen Cleaner” – gently wipe down your dirty screens for MAXIMUM visibility.

Gal*Gun Double Peace Special “Mr. Happiness” Edition is available in Europe and North America exclusively from Rice Digital, here;

Gal*Gun Double Peace is set to shoot its way into everyone’s hearts this Summer on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

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