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Can Titanfall 2 compete with all of the FPS games released this year? Check out our Titanfall 2 review.


Titanfall 2 is an exceptional game that improves upon almost every aspect of the original Titanfall. This time around Respawn has decided to include an all new single player campaign, which in my opinion was one of the biggest detriments on the first Titanfall. When Titanfall was originally released in March 2014, the hype and expectations surrounding the game were extremely high. Many consumers and publications praised Titanfall for its unique take on combat and the inclusion of Titans. The unique take on movement in the original Titanfall was also one of its strongpoints. The verticality Respawn provided allowed for many varying gameplay styles within the multiplayer.

Initially after release Titanfall was somewhat critically appraised and seemed to gain a lot of traction throughout the gaming community. The main problem that consumers and critics seemed to have with the original Titanfall was that it lacked content and therefore didn’t have the longevity it needed to succeed and thrive being a multiplayer centric game. With the release of Titanfall 2 however, Respawn aims to provide not only a robust multiplayer experience but a great single player campaign as well.

Titanfall™ 2_20161028130550
Titanfall™ 2_20161028130550


The gameplay in Titanfall 2 is fantastic. Respawn takes many of the ideas and gameplay mechanics utilized in the first Titanfall and improves on almost every aspect. The combat and movement verticality is one of the greatest strengths of Titanfall 2. My only complaint with the gameplay was the jumping sometimes felt a bit off especially during some of the platforming sections in the main campaign. During my time with the campaign I constantly found myself in many instances overshooting a platform or ledge, and this became somewhat frustrating initially. There is somewhat of a learning curve for the mechanics of Titanfall 2 and luckily there’s great tutorial section at the beginning of the campaign. I highly recommend playing through the campaign before starting multiplayer, especially if you haven’t played the original Titanfall.

There are also plenty of new weapons to use in Titanfall 2 and each one is unique and adds an overall different layer to the gameplay. One of the most unique aspects of Titanfall 2 and possibly the highest selling point is the Titans. Each Titan is unique with its own class and load out and provides a different style and take on traditional first person shooter combat mechanics. The Titan classes included in Titanfall 2 are the Ronin, the Scorch, the Northstar, the Ion, the Legion, and the Tone class. Most of the classes play similar but utilize different weapons such as rifles and rocket launcher assortments. The most unique Titan in Titanfall 2 is the Ronin who wields a sword and is based on a melee class.

My favorite moments in Titanfall 2 were the Titan fights, each time I fought against another Titan it felt almost like a mini boss fight, and in some instances required extremely careful strategy and dodging on my part. There is also some excellent level design in Titanfall 2 and one area has you manipulating time in unique ways that I have yet to see in any game. The multiplayer in Titanfall 2 remains somewhat the same albeit adding new Titans and modes. The fast-frenetic gameplay that the series has become known for is very much like the original Titanfall and just as enjoyable as ever. One change I noticed in the multiplayer was the elimination of burn cards which have been replaced by boosts. The boost system seems to be an overall better system then the burn cards. One of the strongest aspects in Titanfall 2 is the gameplay, the campaign and the multiplayer are both fun and rewarding depending on how much time you spend with each.

Titanfall™ 2_20161028181717
Titanfall™ 2_20161028181717


The graphics in Titanfall 2 are great. The design of the world is breathtaking at certain portions and the downed ships you explore provide some overall fun platforming. I never noticed any framerate drops or graphical fidelity issues during my time with Titanfall 2 and the game ran very smoothly most of the time. One issue I did have, however, was a few hard crashes. Several times during loading screens I completely got kicked and was welcomed with the blue error screen. I was playing on PS4 so I’m not sure how it runs on other platforms. The crashes became annoying at times and definitely effected my overall impression of the game.

The sound design in Titanfall 2 is also great, the music and all weapon sounds add to the overall immersion of the game. The story in Titanfall 2 is good, the new characters were great and added some comedic levity to the narrative. The story centers around Frontier Militia rifleman Jack Cooper and BT, the Titan he eventually encounters during the beginning of the campaign. The banter between BT and Jack was great and provided me with many memorable moments throughout my time spent with the campaign. The two factions are still the same and include the IMC and the Militia. The world that Respawn set up in the first Titanfall is fleshed out more in the sequel and you are provided more insight into the universe of Titanfall.

Titanfall™ 2_20161028144326
Titanfall™ 2_20161028144326


Titanfall 2 is a great game and you can tell that Respawn has payed attention to the audience and made the changes that were needed to make an overall better game and better experience. In my opinion this is what the original Titanfall should have been. The Titanfall universe is amazing and there is plenty of opportunity for Respawn to provide great stories and great characters. With all the multiplayer shooters being released this month I personally believe Titanfall 2 stands out especially with its clever level design and fun multiplayer. If you are looking for a great game with a rewarding story and great multiplayer, then I highly recommend playing Titanfall 2.

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Overall I enjoyed my time with Titanfall 2. Respawn has provided a great multiplayer experience and a compelling and fun campaign. In my opinion Titanfall 2 has the potential to be one of the best first person shooters released this year.

9.0 Awesome

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    For me it’s a 9,5 but I am a Titanfall fanboy