The Park Review


When we visit an amusement park, we imagine fun, laughter, enjoyment, and overall a good time. Atlantic Island Park isn’t really that place in Funcom’s The Park. Atlantic Island Park serves as the setting for this suspenseful horror game, which you play Lorraine on her search for her missing son.

It doesn’t take long to realize that this amusement park is not like others, with unusual beginnings to construction issues, accidental deaths, and some murderous employees. You play throughout the game as Lorraine, who believes herself to be a failure as a mother, and doubts herself through out. AS you go through the game she slowly, but surely reveals her life’s troubles through monologues as you search for your son, Callum.


I will not shine too much light on the story, that is up to you to discover as you play the game, and I do recommend playing it at least once. As you go through out the game, you shout for Callum, and as you do you reveal visual clues that will reveal the back story of the park, the people who worked at the park, and the main character herself. I found that at times, the game doesn’t really give a clear indication on where to go, so I doubled back on myself a few times but overall it’s a pretty straight forward navigation.

The game builds its story through the use of those visual clues, including news paper clipping, notes, books, and some pills. At times you are required to examine these clues to progress on, which can be annoying if you miss a clue, but it helps build a creepy atmosphere in the park, which already oozes a creepiness that is special.

One of the special parts of the game is the audio, the sound quality is top-notch and the audio lends itself well to adding to the atmosphere of the game. Sounds range from the wind blowing through the trees, to strange carnival music, to the random child crying. The musical efforts tie in well with the graphics, while not the high quality you expect from a high budget AAA title, is really well made in this indie title.

The game is very well made, and is a definite play, but it does suffer from some pacing issues through out the game. The thrills and jumps through out the game feel well done, with very few cheap scares. My biggest complaint about the game was the length, and the load times; Nothing that is enough to make me dislike the game, but they are there and you will notice them.


  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 9
  • Story 8
  • Control 7
  • Suspense 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9
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A short, suspenseful horror game that is a interesting delving into a mothers mind.

8.0 Not Bad

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