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Table Top Racing: World Tour is pretty much what it sounds like; little cars racing on tables and floors in settings like, a garage, a British yacht complete with baguettes and wine, an 80’s themed basement, and so on. It’s like playing with old Micro Machine cars when we were kids, but I am probably really showing my age.

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Table Top Racing is essentially racing with the ability to pick of temporary upgrades like bombs, missiles, ice, and acid to give you an advantage on the track. Yes, it is like that other game on Nintendo, but with an XP builder and upgrades.

You will start off with an amateur car, or cult classics. After a few races you will collect enough coin to buy a new car or upgrade a currently owned one. There are two other classes of cars to choose from; Street Racers and Supercars. Altogether, there are about eleven cars to buy and upgrade in all.

One mistake I made was that I spent all my money upgrading my first car thinking that I would unstoppable in the current championship I was in. It turned out that it didn’t really matter as it didn’t seem to give me a better advantage as the other racers seemed to upgrade as well. Save your coin so you can at least buy a higher tiered car to stay competitive. It turned out, after playing with the upgrades, that I could actually tune the car, which actually made a difference in a particular race I was struggling in.

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The upgrades for the cars are for acceleration, speed, handling, armor, and even wheels that are good for drifting or for protecting yourself from power ups that can be thrown at you. The wheels that require you to drift are a bit strange. In the beginning, I thought about how I needed to get those tires to make the tracks easier, but for me at least, it didn’t really help but hinder my racing experience.

There are two championships within each tier equaling six total that contain several races within each one. To make it interesting, not all the events are races in the strictest sense; there are regular races, elimination, pursuit, combat, and hot lap. Like many game similar to it, there is a star system in place for each event that range from 0-3 stars. There is a total of 258 stars in the entire game, including the specials events in the game.

There isn’t a whole lot to look at in this game as the track settings tend to repeat themselves consistently. However, while the track may appear the same, the developers did a good job and changing the tracks to put in new twists and turns each time you play in a new event; a favorite is the sushi bar tracks.

There isn’t much more to say about it. The game plays well, it is colorful and presents enough challenge that will make you want to come back. The multiplayer works great and is a great way to level yourself up even if there is no real reason for it other than bragging rights. Table Top Racing is a fun game and is probably the best game in the PlayStation Plus line up for May. It’s good to just sit back relax with a simple game and Table Top Racing: World Tour brings the fun to the PS4.

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