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As a huge Dark Souls fan, I’ve been waiting for Necropolis since it was announced a while back. That being said, I’m going to make this review fairly brief because I’m so disappointed that I can’t stand to even talk about this game any more than I have to.

We’ll start with 2 things Necropolis does right. One of the truly positive things I could say about Necropolis is that it has fun combat mechanics. Similar to that of Dark Souls, combat is won with your ability to dodge, even more so than your ability to attack. This keeps things interesting, making enemies that much deadlier in combination with perma-death. Even though it is very unoriginal (which will be a theme here) on paper, it does feel different from its very obvious source material.

The second positive point is Necropolis’ multiplayer component, which is how you should truly play the game. I would definitely say, in this regard, that it is on point with the Dark Souls franchise. The game gets infinitely better when you take a friend along.

Necropolis' multiplayer is one of the few areas I enjoyed.
Necropolis’ multiplayer is one of the few areas I enjoyed.


And that’s it. Everything else from this point on will be negative. And trust me, no one is more sad about it than I am.


Necropolis is very boring. Literally 75% of the game is either horribly unoriginal or just a drag. It’s not bad by any means, but after the typical “review play-time” I give games, I can tell you I won’t be returning.

The promise of “procedural dungeons” seems all but nonexistent. And, if it is there, than I never got past the bland statement the game presents to notice. Environments aren’t bad, in fact some can look rather pretty, but the experience it gave never felt like more than cheap and lifeless. The same with the game’s attempted humor element. It’s just stupid.

Oh, and replay factor? No. Hardly any.

Environments, some which look good, ultimately have no feeling.
Environments, some which look good, ultimately have no feeling.

Any feeling of mystery or real exploration is quickly killed when you realize there is none. The only real motivation to even do anything is to find codex’s and level up your character. Something that is impossible to really care about when you don’t even want to play the game.

Another real pet peeve I have with this game is the way it presents itself. It tries to be punishing and ruthless like it’s source material, but stumbles when it introduces things like team reviving, and the codex’s themselves which are kept after death. And also, what the hell is up with in-game descriptions? They are so incredibly vague and ridiculous that i didn’t even know what half of the thing’s in the game did.

Even after all of this, I was willing to cut the game some slack. In retrospect, if this game had come out before the original Demon Souls of even Dark Souls, i bet i would’ve perceived it differently. But then, the bugs. Other’s have different reports, but the already nonexistent experiences i was having with Necropolis were undercut by constant wall-phasing. I could swear that every 4th wall i encountered didn’t even exist. Another much more infamous bug was a bug where i couldn’t even buy anything from the shop because it was saying the items in stock were already in my inventory.


I’m probably  being too hard on this game. Largely for the expectations i had. I never expected it to be another Dark Souls, but i thought it would something different. Something that takes the crudeness of Dark Souls and buffs it down with an interesting setting, whimsical comedy, and fun co-op. I only got one of those things. And it wasn’t the first two.

Like I said, if this game had come out 10 years ago, i would have probably had different feelings. But it didn’t, so i didn’t. Instead of taking from its source material and expanding it into something fresh and fun, Necropolis messes up any new ideas it has. In short bursts it isn’t bad. But that’s about all you’ll be able to take.


Mostly a Fluke

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An overall disappointing game, Necropolis recycles the old and kills the new. It's only saving grace is it's multiplayer, which isn't good enough to justify more than a 2 hour play-through.

6.0 Not Terrible

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