My Hero Academia Ep. 2-What it Takes to Be a Hero Review


There is a saying that you should never meet your heroes because you will ultimately be disappointed. Izuku may be agree to that statement at first as the second episode of My Hero Academia picks up right where the first episode left off; Izuku and his idol, All Might, on top of a building discussing if you can be hero even if you are ‘quirk-less”.

This episode, while not as great as the first in my opinion, does what takes so long for other shows to do and that is to point out the flaws of the “heroes”. All Might, as great as he is when he is using his quirk, is vulnerable and the writers make sure the audience and Izuku knows that he is not perfect, and that heroes can get injured and possibly die from their good deeds. Really what the episode does is give Izuku a heavy dose of reality in that he won’t be the hero he wants to be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be in some other way.

The sludge villain returns in this episode and takes a shine to Katsuki immediately for his Quirk Explosion. The other heroes from the first episode show up to try to handle the problem but have a hard time. In this episode, the roles are reversed a bit as Izuku is the admired and All Might, in his regular form, is the admirer.

What threw me was the excessive use of flashback scenes from the first episode, and the fact that we are only our second was a little disconcerting. This is not necessarily unheard of in anime, but it is used when it is completely needed to drive a point home. The majority of the time in this second episode, it was not needed at all and seemed to take up time more than anything.

I hate the Katsumi character in the best way possible; the egotistical asshole that thinks he is better than everybody else. The fact that we see him have to rescued in a futile attempt by Izuku is pleasing. In his usual self though, we don’t see an ounce of humility from Katsuki, but rather, more animosity towards Izuku. It is pretty clear who is the main hero is and who the main villain will be, but now we have to play the waiting game to see how it pans out.

Overall, the second episode of My Hero Academia was good as it sets up our unlikely hero for what will hopefully be an entertaining journey. The overuse of flashbacks in this episode kept it from being better, but at least one of them drove the point home in a emotional scene for Izuku. There was some humor this time around, but not as much because of the dire circumstances at hand, and the payoff for Izuku was great even if his hero attempt didn’t pan out.

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