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Okay, so when I first set out to play this game, I had a preconceived notion that almost all video games that are based on movie, tv show, or comics are horrible with few exceptions. I will say I had seen some not so positive news coming out about the game from other reviewers, and I was very worried and figured this was going to be one of those, “Oh dear god is it over with yet,” type games. Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, what a garbage game I thought.

Oh my, oh my oh my was I ever wrong about that one. The very beginning of the game, while you’re in his apartment, My first thoughts were, decent graphics but corny, childish humor already. It is Deadpool, that is expected I learned very quickly. And with that being said, once you get around the corny, childish Dead Pool humor, it is a very solid hack-n-slash game, much like a Devil May Cry game would be if you added Deadpool to it.

I’m not going to give any spoilers away in this review, I’m pretty much going to review it like I would if I was trying to convince you to purchase the game, simply because I think everyone deserves to play the game, at least once.

New-Deadpool-Video-Game-Screenshots-Show-Off-Sword-Fighting-6The story starts out with Deadpool wanting to make a game starring himself. The wonderful thing about the story in the game, is that it wasn’t just a cheap cash in on the namesake. They actually had a former Deadpool writer, Daniel Way, helped High Moon Studios to create the ‘script’ for the game.

The first mission has Deadpool, taking on a mission to assassinate a corrupt media mogul, which goes awry when Mister Sinister and his misfits show up.

The story is based around Mister Sinister, who is searching throughout Genosha, a former mutant playground, for a new DNA to use in his clone armies. High Moon and Daniel Way neatly fit in other Marvel universe characters into the story, such as Domino, Wolverine(who you should keep slapping), Cable, Rogue, Red Hulk, Psylocke, and of course Mister Sinister. You will also encounter Mister Sinister’s misfits Arclight, Blockbuster, Vertigo, and Riptide.

The game play itself is pretty standard hack-n-slash type game play. You start out with your swords, and pistols and you can upgrade to other weapons as you gain Deadpool Points from defeating enemies. You have two attacks, light and heavy along with your ranged attacks with your pistols or other guns.

The graphics in the game are very nice, for a Deadpool game. After all, Deadpool did waste the budget on other things like explosions and stuff. I did notice a few glitches from time to time, nothing game killing just some slight stuff, like people’s arms going through walls. Beyond the very few glitches, the game was nicely done.

The sound in the game was very well done as well, Nolan North reprises his role from Marvel vs. Capcom for the game and does an awesome job of it. As he is talking pretty much throughout the game, it’s a good thing that he did do a good job. The background music at times can be forgettable but it does set the pace for the game very nicely. The sound effects do a good job of letting you know what’s going on.

deadpool6My only real complaints about the game are simple. The camera can get annoying at times, but most games have this issue. The camera is nothing that is game play breaking, far from it, but it can get a bit annoying at times to have stuff get in the way of the camera to where you cannot see the action as it happens. My biggest complaint however, is the lack of over all direction the game gives you. There are times where it will tell you exactly where to go, and I am not asking for the game to hold my hand and tell me exactly what to do. There are times where I have no clue where to proceed next, a lot of times the path is marked, with some sort of indication that this is where you should go. I could count on one hand however, and this is how small of an issue it really is, when I ran around for 2-3 minutes trying to figure out, “ok, where now?”

I do highly recommend this game to anyone who is a Deadpool fan, and to anyone who is a fan of good solid hack-n-slash games. As this is obviously both, though I’m sure you knew it was a Deadpool game.

The Merc With a Review

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I do highly recommend this game to anyone who is a Deadpool fan, and to anyone who is a fan of good solid hack-n-slash games. As this is obviously both, though I’m sure you knew it was a Deadpool game.

8.9 Awesome

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