Bungo Stray Dogs Episode #2-Yokohama Gangster Paradise Mini Review


It’s good to see Atsushi so glad to be in his own apartment and bed that he is fully grateful for. What I like about this character is that he has not had much in life, seemingly, and that anything that he receives is a treasure all its own.

This episode has a similar plot points to the first in some ways as we start off with Atsushi just in a better circumstance. Then we catch Osamu attempting to kill himself again in an even more absurd way, and then we are treated to another circumstance that requires the attention of the three characters from the first episode; Atsushi, Osamu, and Doppo. Then we also another moment of Osamu messing with Doppo and his journal.

This time the Armed Detective Agency is dealing with a bomb threat from an individual that has dealt with them in the past. Only there is another twist to the dilemma that is not hard to figure out, especially if you pay attention from the opening credits.

The reveal of Doppo’s power is the main thing to take away from this episode. I don’t want to spoil anything, but his ability, Doppo Poetry, is very cool and even if this episode doesn’t achieve anything special for the audience, at least we get to see another member in action. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a “character revealing their power” of the week episode, because if that is the case, then we may not get into any real story until the eighth episode.

The second episode of Bungo Stray Dogs isn’t any better or worse than the first. There is some forward momentum in the storyline as Atsushi is put to the test to prove to the detective agency what he can do, thanks to Osamu. Once again, anyone who has watched to credits should know the small twist regarding the “bomber”. Hopefully, the third will get the ball rolling on the overall plot.

Here are some screenshots:

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