Beware, Square Mobile Review


While browsing around Kickstarter one lonely night, attempting to see what the indie game scene was going to be offering in the future I came across an interesting little game called Beware, Square. I’m not a big mobile gamer, so I’m surprised it even caught my attention. Billed as a mix between Limbo and Geometry Dash, ironically two games I’ve never played and still haven’t so I can’t really say how well of a description that is.

I figured I’d watch the video on the game, simply because the video thumbnail looked interesting and I was hooked. Beware, Square was a game I wanted to play. It’s description reads as a mysterious world with over 15 plus unique levels filled with challenging obstacles, and creatures. I donated. Fast forward to August 31st and here the game is, and well worth the wait it is.


The game plays easy enough, like most mobile games of this genre you tap the screen to make your character jump to avoid obstacles to reach the end of the level. While the game play is very simple, the worlds are challenging and unique, with 15 ‘nights’ that you get to survive, if you’re lucky.

The graphics in the game is very minimal, not really a unique design choice, but one that lends itself well to the game and atmosphere of a ‘survival platformer’ that the game claims to be. There are no real graphical glitches that I noticed throughout my play through of the games many levels, just smooth frame rates and simple designs.


The music in the game is one of the highlights of the game as well, as it fits the atmosphere of the game very well. My only complaint here is when you die, the music starts back over at the beginning of the track, and while I understand this as you are restarting the level; You’ll find yourself hearing the same part of the music a lot, as you die a lot.

That brings me to the best and worst part of the game. It is very challenging, to the point of anger at times. After you play each level enough, the difficulty starts to go down as you learn where you have to jump to not die, but you will die a lot. I found this to be complicated by one of the few design issues I had with the game, the jumping is simple yet annoying. You tap the screen to jump, but if you leave your finger in the screen too long you’ll jump again and at times that will lead to instant death, and bouts of anger. Not a big issue but one I feel the developer, AppTaco, should address in future releases or with an update to the game.

I feel the game has plenty of positives, and for $1.99 USD, it is well worth picking up to pass the time. It would be much better if the jump was fixed, and perhaps if you were allowed to make your own levels to share to the world; with a leader board of some sort for the social crowd. I recommend this game to anyone who likes a challenge.

  • Graphics 7.5
  • Gameplay 8
  • Sound 10
  • Difficulty 9
  • Replayability 7
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You will die! A lot! Highly recommended if you like a challenge.

8.3 Recommended

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