I should preface this article by stating that I realize that these are not all the shows in the Spring 2016 line up, or even that they are not the complete simulcasts. As I catch up, I am sure more will be added, but having said that, I am not going to review anime’s that serve no interest to me. Doing so would make my ratings unfair for some shows as I am watching them just for the sake of watching them.




The academic stakes are high for Izuku in this episode. The school that he desires to attend has its own battle area that is the size of a small city. As of now, they faculty claims that it is used for entrance exam purposes, which seems a bit odd (I suppose the school has a tremendous amount of income. Anime…right?)

Towards the end of the last episode, All Might gave Izuku a piece of his hair to swallow im order to gain his power so he could pass the exam. The exam is essentially a free for all destroying robots. Each kind a robot it worth so many points. As stated by the announcer in this episode, when the big boss appears it is best not to engage it, but Izuku hasn’t been much on listening to others sometimes.

This is the best episode since the first, from the music to the overall message; you need to put others first sometimes to succeed. As per usual, I will not spoil it, but the swell of the music at the end got me a little choked up.



BAKUON!! EP. #4- Hot Springs!!


Did you know that Ducati’s have souls? Or even that God loves motorcycles?

We are given a break for the usual school routine and riding around town this episode. Instead we are given limited plot as the girls decide to go on a road trip that requires their bikes and at least one ferry to get to the destination. Along the way, back luck comes about the group as they get separated due to one circumstance or another.

This episode, more than anything, is about how fragile a motorcycle can be and how it can be easy to get caught up in just simply riding the motorcycles and taking them for granted. The episode had some humorous moments, especially the story “behind” a branding. There is a very convenient, yet weird scene towards the end that involves bathing in a hot spring, which in its self isn’t weird, but the fact there is an old butler bathing next to them doesn’t seem to have any effect.



HUNDRED EP. #4-Bodyguard


The title of the episode is as much of a description as one would need.

Hayato is requested to be bodyguard for a pop idol that happened to be his sister’s favorite entertainer. We are starting to get an idea of the love triangle that may be developing, but let’s face reality for a moment; it’s probably going to be more of a love pentagon.

This episode was very high on the flirtation and the innuendo, even more so than the previous, but at least the episode sets up a set of antagonists that may be more dangerous than the Savages our heroes destroy.

Once again, a pretty mediocre episode in terms of plot development, but at least we get to see a use of the Hundred skill that is not used for battle and a preview of what’s to come;



Kiznaiver Ep. #4- Now That We’re All Connected, Let’s…


Picking up a little bit after the last episode ended with Katsuhira taking a step off a bridge to ultimately hit the top of a truck and land in someone else’s car to give the new member, Yoshiharu, pain that he so desires. Yes, we find out that he is a bit of a masochist in this episode which is a little obvious from the get go.

This particular episode is a little slower than the others, which is a good thing for character progression this time around. There is something being planned for the group as their summer break begins and it seems like it may be a little violent.

In the meantime, though, the real character in this episode is ‘jealousy’. This emotion is very apparent when it comes to Chidori when it comes to the way Katsuhira relates to the group leader, Noriko. Another aspect of jealousy is the dynamic between Tsu and Yoshiharu. Both characters are attractive to others, but the difference is that Tsu had to work for it, while Yoshiharu doesn’t need to, and for that reason alone could be the animosity. Then again, maybe we can attribute that to vanity, one of the original seven deadly sins.



Bungo Stray Dogs Ep. #4- The Tragedy of the Fatalist


You know those feelings of shock when two of the members of the agency seemed to be going to the afterlife? Yeah. You can chill because the story took the expected route. I can’t say that I am surprised, but some kind event that would lead to a more serious story.

Instead we are given a humorous situation where the serious member, Doppo Kunikida, seems to be a bit of an airhead at times. With the guilt of his friends being murdered, Atsushi, makes a bold decision that may not turn out like he planned.

Meanwhile we are introduced to some of Port Mafias top tier agents known as, Black Lizard, and their monocle sporting leader. We are still at the point where not all of the members of the Agency, even though three of them show up.

At this point, I am not sure how I feel about this series. It seems like they are taking shortcuts with the action and insinuating that events happened without really showing how it was resolved exactly. This episode was a step back compared to the last. I know it was to show that The Agency is more than capable of taking on the Port Mafia, but at least show us how, especially when new antagonists are involved; show some powers people.



Anne-Happy Ep. #4- A Mysterious Penalty


I think I should address something with this series; I have no clue why a girl would fall in love with a construction sign and how we are supposed to believe it or take it seriously. I know this is not a serious show, but, I mean, really?

Anyways, this episode has the original three friends looking for a flower as part of a make-up assignment for school. In the meantime, Hibiki, and her aloof friend, Ren, look to sabotage the assignment so they won’t be considered the unluckiest students.

While I still don’t fully understand the show as a whole, it was a funny episode at the very least. There is something about a group of cats chasing Ren around, and Hibiki fighting them off, that makes me laugh. Even funnier is that Anne wants to pet them, but the felines just trample her instead.

If anything, it is a beautifully animated episode, especially when they reach the flower garden towards the end.


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