Anime Reviews for Week Ending May 7th, 2016



Good news! I caught up to another show, so I have one more to review! Also, I apologize for the lack of screen shots. I’ll do better.


MY HERO ACADEMIA EP. #5-What I Can Do for Now


We know that Izuku can’t use his newly obtained quirk without it destroying his body. So the question is how do you pass a trial of seven tests where you can’t come in last place every single time or you will be expelled? I liked this episode overall.

There are too many shows out there that take their sweet time in getting to a point where everything comes together for the main protagonist. There is a lot to learn for Izuku to be sure, but we have a great starting out point in episode five.

It is the first day of school and Izuku has gained some sort of reputation for his acts in the entrance exam. Most of his class supports him, except the Katsuki, of course. Then there is the homeroom teacher that has issues with his acceptance. We are introduced to the Professor Snape like character in Shouta Aizawa whose ability, well, can be very beneficial for any side he chooses to be on.



BAKUON!! EP. #5- Touring!!

It’s pretty clear now, after watching this episode, what kind of show Bakuon!! wants to be.

Ending the storyline from the last episode, the girls finally reach the end of their journey in what seems to be the majestic town of Hokkaido. The episode was perfectly fine as it was with the girls coming to terms that their little tour was about to end, and that they would have to leave. It was a nice gesture as a lot of us have felt the same way after going away for a while.

However, that all changes when a suicidal woman he has just been dumped takes a bike only to crash into the rocks below. Of course it is someone the girls know; their teacher in fact. Not only is the teacher a mess, she apparently likes girls when she is drunk and starts pulling off clothes. That’s usually frowned upon in the school system, but hey, anime, right?

Then in the final minutes we get to see the girls in their bathing suits, dousing themselves with soap and pushing their bodies up against their bikes to “clean them faster”.



HUNDRED EP. #5-Imitation Girl



If we could get through an episode where Hayato didn’t have his face in someone else’s boobs or crotch I would genuinely be impressed. Anyway, Hundred is going towards the love triangle, or square I think, that I thought it would last week.

The majority of the episode was Hayato having a date with Emilia, or watching his superiors in their bathing suits. Some of it though was told in flashbacks as the diva Hayato was placed to protect, Sakura, tells a story of how kids were being experimented on with Savage blood.

Going by this flashback, I think I know what Sakura’s purpose will be in the main story line. This is some of the problem with this show so far; it too predictable. It has its entertaining moments but leaves little for the viewer to think about. I also would like show some discontent as four of the characters so far have met before when they were younger. This show is also set on convenience, but then again, so are many others.

At least we were given a cliff hanger this time around.



Kiznaiver Ep. #5- Wahoo, It’s a Training Camp, Let’s…


This week has confirmed my suspicion about this series from the get go and that is that Kiznaiver is a new favorite anime to watch. My Saturdays cannot get here soon enough anymore for this show, and while it is too premature to say that it may be one of the best animes ever, if it continues with this momentum it very well could.

This episode plays like a slasher film with the group going to a house in the wilderness, hormones out of whack, and crazy mascots trying to kill them. It’s all part of the plan to move the Kiznaiver’s to another stage of the program, but we are now introduced to a new element within the group.

We know that the group shares each other physical pain, with love and jealousy flying around, the group are now connected on an emotional level as well. This episode is probably the best so far, and that is due to my personal understanding of what the Kiznaiver project may be.

While it may come off preachy from myself and even from the series, what if we could feel each other’s pain from all aspects? Would we become a better people, or does that take away who we are as individuals? I am sure these questions will come up, but I am along for the ride 100%



Bungo Stray Dogs Ep. #5- Murder on D Street



It’s time for another episode of Bungo Stray Dogs where a member of the Detective Agency shows us their special gift…or do they?

Like many of the other shows this week, we are treated to a standalone episode where the group isn’t being hinted by the Port Mafia, but rather just cleaning up the mess from the last episode. Ranpo Edogawa is the person of interest this episode, sort to speak, as Atsushi tags long for nothing more as an escort. It turns out that Ranpo doesn’t know how to do regular things, like follow directions or buy a train ticket. This is strange given his ability and how it helps the Agency.

This is more of a whodunit mystery this week as Ranpo uses his ability to solve the case, quite swiftly I may add. Conveniently, we run into Osamu who acts as a guide to explain Ranpo’s abilities to Atsushi…and act like an idiot for comic relief.

The episode was good, but now we maybe have a couple of members left who are still a mystery, and I can’t wait to see what happens when the whole team is revealed.



Anne-Happy Ep. #5- Getting Lost on the Way to School

I’m glad this episode exists even if I am weary on the series itself. This episode focuses more on Hibiki as we learn more about her and the kind of relationship she has with Ren. That isn’t necessarily the reason I liked the episode though.

This episode gave me a better understanding of each of the girl’s bad luck. While I will admit I really don’t understand one of their misfortunes, if you want to call it that, the rest are amusing in their own ways. This isn’t my favorite anime this season, it is cute at the very least and I will keep watching as long as I still find it funny and entertaining.



Super Lovers #5- Cherry Blossom


So I am caught up with this series, and I have to admit that I am not sure what to think about it exactly. There is a lot of time jumping at the beginning but now it seems to be on a steady track. I will say that this is the weirdest brotherly love show I have come across, but that may not mean much as I haven’t seen many to begin with.

This episode focuses on Ren and the discovery that he takes too much for granted when it comes to his older brother. Everyone in the show has realized that Ren can’t seem to do much without the guidance of Haru, but has never been fleshed out as much as it was this episode.

While Ren comes to terms with his shortcomings, he also meets Juuzen, a boy that sits behind Ren in class. The two seem to hit it off at a point where Haru is becoming busy with planning his new restaurant. It is an odd relationship to be sure, but at least it will be interesting to see if Ren can come out of his shell.


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