Team Fortress 2 Adds Ranked Mode


Team Fortress 2, the old-school king of team-based online shooters, is making a move to get back in the game with its new “Meet Your Match” update.

The new ranked competitive mode pits teams of six against each other in the standard modes of Payload, King of the Hill, and Control Points. All nine classes are available to use, though you cannot change classes mid-match, so once you pick, you gotta commit to it. Winners of ranked matches can earn titles, badges, and stat medals.

Quickplay mode has also been updated, placing you into an unranked twelve-VS-twelve match with players of similar skill levels, in order to reduce auto-balancing frequency.

To be honest, the most fun I ever had with Team Fortress 2 was playing on kooky user-created maps, so this doesn’t really appeal to me. But if you don’t like Overwatch, then maybe Team Fortress 2 can give you the multiplayer experience you’re looking for. I mean, hell, it’s been around for almost ten years, it’s gotta be doing something right.

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