‘My Tower, My Home’, Now Available on Steam


From Gamepress:

Shoor Games releases today ‘My Tower, My Home’, a tower defense-shooter-platformer that pits players against relentless hordes of enemies. Defend the tower, defend the core… defend your home!

In My Tower, My Home (MTMH) players get to play on the shoes of a hero whose only mission is to defend a tower, his home!  The game features a cooperative mode for two players  in which our hero fights alongside Sommybot, a support droid character. Both characters are highly customizable in abilities and skills and have their own perk tree. Cooperate with your best friend to stop the ruthless aliens!

MTMH is available for Windows only on Steam. Linux and Mac versions are coming in the following weeks. Regular price is $6.99 and the game is now available for a special price, 10% off, until March 22.

Developer: Shoor Games
Publisher: Shoor Games
Genre: Tower defense, shooter-platformer
Platforms: Windows
Price: $6.99 (regularly)


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