Kickstarter Preview: Beware, Square


I have recently. again, fallen in love with playing games on my iPhone. It gives me something to do when I am watching a boring movie or TV show, riding around in a car with someone, or just waiting around for something. My biggest problem has been trying to find a game that is worthwhile, that isn’t a cheap pay to win type game. Yes, Candy Crush Saga, I am looking at you.

Recently, while wandering around on Kickstarter, I came across a game called Beware, Square. While there really isn’t much to preview on this game, it’s a simplistic side auto scroller for iOS. I know, I know, A dime a dozen but this one stuck out to me because of the environment and the simplicity of the game. It’s a game that I could get lost in as I play over and over, and not be forced to pay anything extra to beat a level.

Okay, so a little more about the game.

Beware, Square is a simplistic, auto side scrolling game, designed completely by one man, Josh Carlton, and set in a mysterious world with more than 15 levels of unique, and challenging obstacles, and creatures. It is a game where survival is earned, not given. The game upon being fully funded, will be released on the Apple App Store for $1.99, and will be fully ad free.

The game play will be immersive, and simplistic enough to be pick up and play whenever you have a free moment, like waiting through those irritating commercials that TV’s have.


The Kickstarter campaign has modest goals, as Josh is merely wanting help to fund the start-up of an App publisher called Apptaco. The goal is only $600, and as of this publication was more than 50% funded.

Pledge just $1 and you’ll get a copy of the game. Pledge $5 and you get a digital copy of the game on Steam(if it is greenlit), and your name on the credits page of Apptaco website. Pledge $8, and you’ll also get your name in the webcredits. Pledge $15 and you’ll get your name, business name or website url in the webcredits. Pledge $25 and you’ll also get a bonus level. There’s a few more levels of backing on the Kickstarter Campaign.

The stretch goals include more levels($800), being put on Steam Greenlight($1000), and producing a sequel to the game($5000).

The game is set to release on the Apple Appstore in April, and if funding reaches its stretch goal of $1000, it will be submitted to Steam Greenlight in May. Stay tuned, when this game releases we will do a quick App Review of it.

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