Dead Rising 4 Officially Announced


Guess those leaks were right on the money. Today, at E3, Dead Rising 4 was officially announced for Xbox One and Windows 10, coming out this holiday season, complete with a jolly Christmas theme to match.

Going by the trailer, the game doesn’t appear to be a remake as originally speculated, but it does take place in the same town as the first game, Willamete, Colorado. The entire town is the playground of returning protagonist Frank West, complete with some hilarious new combo weapons and vehicles (I’m partial to the electrified go-kart and fire-breathing triceratops skull). There also appears to be a set of some kind of power armor for Frank to wear that grants him super strength and the ability to rip rebar out of the pavement and use it as a club, Super Mutant-style.

No word on whether the game will be available through Steam. Hopefully it will be; my compy runs Windows 10, so I’ll get to play it either way, I just prefer Steam over the Windows Store.

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