New Nintendo NX Leaked Image


A Twitter user today posted a image that is supposed to be a leaked version of the upcoming Nintendo NX handheld console. Below is the image, and what the NX is? Maybe.

This ‘leak’ tends to wrap together a few rumors about the upcoming Nintendo console, including having removable controllers on the side of the multi-touch OLED screen. If this is a legit image of part of the upcoming NX console, it would be a huge revelation and some idea on what the final console will look like.

It looks to us, from the image, that you can run the ‘controller’ without the screen in the middle when playing games on a TV screen, or run it handheld with the screen attached to the controllers. It does not however, give any indication of the use of cartridges on the console. We will see soon, I hope.

Translation of the description goes as follows:

[Announcement] #NintendoNX Release 3/25/2017. Price’s 39999 yen (suggested retail price, including tax). #NintendoDirectJP

If this stands true, it would put launch rights around when Nintendo said it would earlier in the year, with a price point of 39,999 yen or about $390 US. I would guess that the console all told, in the US, would launch at around $349 to $399, no lower than $299, however.

All of this is of course rumor, and pure speculation on our parts until Nintendo announces something official later this year, which in my predictions earlier in the year, put an announcement around November.

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