Minecraft is coming to Wii U


After Microsoft purchased Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion dollars, speculation about the game moving onto more platforms was throttled by rumors and thoughts that perhaps Microsoft would make it an Xbox/PC exclusive title, in hopes of driving more people to buy Xbox Ones. Although I own Minecraft on Xbox One, I was very glad when this did not happen and Minecraft kept being available for the world on their favorite platforms, except Wii U.

Rumors and speculation about a Wii U version of Minecraft flew around many times, with them being trampled upon just as many times. However, with an official post on the Mojang website today, It has been confirmed that Minecraft will be digging its way to Nintendo’s Wii U console on December 17th, as a cost of $29.99. It’s going to be available on the Wii U eShop, and will come bundled with six of the most popular add-on packs, including a Festive mash-up pack included for the holidays.

Mojang has promised continued support for the Wii U edition, including the free updates to the game just like the other versions receive, including more DLC add-on packs. The Wii U version of Minecraft will also support the off-TV play feature of the Nintendo Wii U, so you can play on the Gamepad when other people want to use the TV.

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