GamePad Inventory Control Not On MineCraft Wii U


With the announcement that MineCraft was coming to Wii U, many people instantly figured that GamePad inventory management would be feature that would be included as a no brainer. Unlike many Wii U games that do indeed use the GamePad for inventory management, the new MineCraft Wii U Edition will not be one of those.

According to a Mojang developer, Owen Hill, he stated on Twitter that it would be a cool feature, but not supported at the current time.

Both Mojang, and Nintendo have stated that the game will get regular updates on the Wii U, just like the rest of the editions of the game, so the possibility of GamePad inventory control being added at a later date is still in play.

MineCraft Wii U Edition launches on December 17’th through the Wii U eShop, and will include six DLC packs with the game, while more will also be available to purchase.

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