Yooka-Laylee Toybox Released to Backers


As promised, Playtonic Games released “The Toybox” today, a special demo for Yooka-Laylee. Instead of a small taste of the main storyline like most demos, the Toybox is an entirely self-contained spoiler-free mini-sandbox that allows players to try out a variety of the game’s mechanics, collect some stuff, and talk to some of the characters. The props shown in the Toybox were created entirely for the demo, hence their… polygonal-ness, but Playtonic has assured that the look of the Toybox will be “incomparable” to the real deal.

Kickstarter backers who donated up to the Toybox level will be receiving their codes to access the game through Steam today. If you didn’t back to the Toybox level or didn’t back at all, then sorry, but you’re SOL. Gonna have to wait for the game proper.

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