Yacht Club Teases King Knight


Indie darling Shovel Knight hasn’t lost any steam since its release in 2014. With the digital release having sold like hotcakes and all sorts of physical merch either out now or on the way, people just can’t get enough of that charismatic digger. Now, the hype train is close to starting back up.

Last year, Yacht Club released Plague of Shadows, an expansion to Shovel Knight that allowed you to play as Plague Knight in a brand new campaign. After some player input, it was also promised that King Knight and Specter Knight would receive expansions as well. Thanks to a tweet from Yacht Club’s Twitter, we have some (admittedly very brief) gameplay footage of King Knight. He doesn’t look too different from Shovel Knight at a glance, though he does look damn stylish as he goes. The expansion campaigns will be released free of charge when they’re finished (though you’ll have to either beat Shovel Knight’s first or use a cheat code on the title screen to unlock them).

Oh, also, they’re working on a mode where every character’s gender is swapped. So that’s a thing.



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