Yacht Club Details Specter Knight Abilities


Yacht Club games has posted an announcement to the Shovel Knight site explaining the abilities available in the upcoming Specter Knight campaign add-on.

In trade for his usual ability to fly, Specter Knight has two primary abilities: dash slash and wall climb. The dash slash can bounce off of enemies, similar to Shovel Knight’s shovel bounce, but it flies at an angle, and will move either up or down depending on the relative location of your target. Wall climbing allows Specter Knight to, well, climb walls. Any wall he touches wall jumping, he will run up. He can only run for a little bit before falling, but quick action will allow him to chain wall jumps together, kind of like Megaman X.

There’s no word on when Specter Knight and King Knight’s campaigns will be available, though Yacht Club has also revealed that both add-ons will be accompanied by new modes, much like Plague Knight’s campaign and Challenge Mode. The upcoming modes are Body Swap, which swaps the genders of all characters (for an unknown effect), and Battle Mode, a multiplayer mode in which players can choose a knight battle it out. Of course, both campaigns will be available free of charge (because unlike other Kickstarter games I could mention, Yacht Club loves and appreciates their fans and contributors).

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