Watch Dogs 2 Teaser Trailer


Ubisoft Montreal’s latest addition to the Watch Dogs franchise has just received a teaser trailer. Watch Dogs 2 was rumored to be at E3 2016 only to be confirmed about a week ago today. The prior game in the series and the first, was teased on and off for several year before the game actually came out.  Many individuals online seem to be upset by the trailer because of the lack of substance.  The 30 second trailer shows, what I am assuming is a man, holding a cell phone while blindly taping away at it.  With the knowledge that Watch Dogs 2 will be shown in some capacity at E3 it is probably the case that Ubisoft wants to get people talking about it before they show off more at E3.


What do you think of the trailer?  Are you alright with how little they are showing, knowing that the game will be at E3?

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