Wasteland 3 Achieves Funding Goal


After recently announcing Wasteland 3, InXile Entertainment have successfully achieved the game’s funding goal on the crowdfunding platform Fig. The campaign started on October 5th and was able to raise over $2.75 million in just three days, easily passing it’s funding goal of $900,000.


Following the original goal being met InXile released details on stretch goals for Wasteland 3:

  • $2.85 Million – 37 Pieces of Flair: Further Ranger customization options, possibly including multiple body types, more heads and hairstyles.
  • $3 Million – Car Companion: Addition of a talking car companion. Morningstar is an AI built to service President Reagan, but will help you in your travels and in combat encounters.
  • $3.1 Million – Customizable Ranger Squad Insignia: You’ll be able to customize a Ranger Squad insignia for your team. This insignia will appear on your Ranger Base.

Considering how quickly the campaign raised the initial goal these modest stretch goals seem likely to be achieved.