UNO is coming to Consoles and PC


UNO came out 10 years ago for the Xbox 360. Now its coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

UNO is still one of the most popular card games around. Microsoft was able to bring the game to the Xbox 360 via downloadable content and it became an instant sensation, rocking out with over one million downloads.146894549521

Now the game is being released by Ubisoft. Yes I said it, Ubisoft. When most think of Ubisoft we think of Ghost Recon, Division and Watch Dogs. Now you can add UNO to that list.

It appears that the popular card game will not differ too much from the Xbox 360 release. You will be able to play in a single or multiplayer format. There will be voice chat and video chat as well.

Uno will release on August 16th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One. PC will come at a later date.**

The price has yet to be confirmed.