Suda51 Expresses Interest in Remasters


While displaying his upcoming games Let it Die and The Silver Case at PAX West, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture Goichi Suda, better known by his nickname Suda51, was approached by Destructoid for an interview, and asked what his future plans are. In the interview, Suda expressed an interest in releasing remastered versions of two of Grasshopper’s fan favorite games, killer7 and No More Heroes (an remastered version of No More Heroes subtitled Heroes Paradise was released for PlayStation 3, though that version was handled by an outside company). While Suda didn’t promise anything, it was noted that Grasshopper’s 20th anniversary is coming up, so it might be a fun little tribute to the company.

I love both killer7 and No More Heroes, so if they were remastered (and released on PC), I would totally cough up for them, if only to have them in my Steam collection.

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