Steam Summer Sale 2016 Has Begun!


Hide the children and open your wallets, folks, because Steam’s 2016 Summer Sale has begun. May Gaben have mercy on us all.

Almost everything on the store is on sale to a degree, with percentages ranging from 10% to 90%. If there’s a game you’ve been wanting, now’s the time to grab it. They are also showcasing popular free-to-play games to drum up some more players, as well as VR games for all you expensive headset holders.

Of course, since the sale just started, the poor Steam store is chugging its little heart out to keep its servers running, and things are a bit clogged at the moment as a result. Maybe wait a little while before you start trying to buy things.

steamsummer1 steamsummer2 steamsummer3

(Oh, and the header image is from this video if you were wondering.)

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