Skyforge’s ‘Ascension’ Expansion Coming October 19th


Ascension, a massive expansion for Skyforge will be releasing October 19th. Developer Allods Team has created the expansion based on over a year of player data and feedback on the original systems of Skyforge. 

Allods Team promises the fast-paced combat of Skyforge will become even more thrilling with Ascension thanks to new extended combat mechanics. When monsters are defeated the player can take their weapons or even their limbs to use against other enemies. Battles are set to become more diverse and strategic through expanded ability to kite enemies and dodge more consistently.

You can watch the Skyforge: Ascension combat trailer below,

The Ascension expansion also adds a new progression campaign. Through the addition of the regions map, players can access new adventures, classes and symbols. The campaign is set to include over 100 missions and adventures. The expansion also adds a new raid where players must confront the menacing Tol-Monter, God of the Oceanids.

Skyforge is free-to-play, set in a universe where mortals and immortals fight for survival using future tech against mythical creatures and space invaders. To learn more about Skyforge: Ascension you can visit the game’s official site.