Rumor: Shadows of Mordor 2 Announcement Soon?



“It looks like Lord of the Rings fans will have something new to be excited about soon. Shadow of Mordor 2 appears to be real, according to a very unassuming but very exciting nugget of information unearthed by the folks over at NerdLeaks.

Lauren Mary Kim, a stunt and CGI actress has listed the game under the Motion Capture section of her resume over on working with Blur Studio. Blur Studio is a very famous American visual effects studio whose credits include CG trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight, Dark Souls II, Dishonored 2 and The Elder Scrolls: Online.

Given the information, it seems likely that a CG Announcement trailer will be coming at some point, but for now take solace in the fact that we are getting a follow up to one of the best third party games of the generation.”

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