Rumor: Dead Rising 4 Images Leaked (Update, More Images)


News site ThisGenGaming has posted several supposedly leaked images of gameplay and promotional material for Dead Rising 4. These images include a gameplay screenshot of a character who may or may not be series mainstay Frank West standing in an winter-y area, and a promotional poster.



According to ThisGenGaming’s article, the game is in development by Capcom Vancouver, and will be properly revealed at E3, with the promise that the game will “make the fans happy”, as their sources state. There’s also a rumor that this game is a remake of the first one, taking place in the Willamette Mall, but this is unconfirmed.

If these rumors are true, it is my personal hope that they dispense with the exclusivity garbage this time around and just give a proper multiplatform release (preferably including PC).


This just in, ThisGenGaming has received some more leaked screenshots from their source.

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