Red Faction Officially No Longer Harmful to German Children


THQ Nordic announced today that, after 13 long years, their title Red Faction will be removed from the list of media that is harmful to young persons, also known in Germany as “The Index.”

Numerous discussions, tact and some skillful powers of persuasion were required to achieve this result. “At THQ Nordic we were aware of the implications of this momentous decision, and needed to adopt a bold approach.” says Jans Binsmaier, Publishing Director of the Viennese studio.

After the incredible news of our removal from the list, THQ Nordic is currently in (youth-free) party mode knowing that the Vienna-based team will be having further discussions with the BPjM: “We will of course still be nurturing our extensive games portfolio that now comprises over 350 titles, and will do our utmost to ensure that gamers can play our games in future.” says Jan Binsmaier. We can still celebrate “small” successes like this even a decade later!

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  • DannyB

    Great game to pay in 2001 but I don’t see anyone playing this game now