Pokémon Sun/Moon Release Date Set, Starters Revealed


Mark your calendars, trainers. In a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, we’ve received the game’s official release date: November 18th, 2016. More than that, we’ve got visuals on some of the game’s new features.

Firstly, the new starters: Rowlet, a Grass/Flying type, Litten, a pure Fire type, and Popplio, a pure Water type. Look at them. They’re bloody adorable. Secondly, we have a name and visuals for the new region: Alola! It’s a Hawaii-themed region, complete with beaches, palm trees, and totem poles. Also a lot of tan dudes. Lastly, we’ve got visual on the new legendaries. No names yet, but the Sun mascot is a big, space-faced lion, and the Moon mascot is a big dreamcatcher/bat thing.

So far, it’s shaping up to be an interesting addition to the series. Hopefully we’ll get visuals on some other Pokémon soon.

(God, I wish I had remembered to transfer my Pokes to the bank before selling my copy of Alpha Sapphire…)

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