Pokémon GO is (Sort of) in Canada…and Servers are Down Again (UPDATED)


UPDATE: As of 6:00 EST, servers are back online. Go for it, Trainers! 

Pokémon GO, the huge hit mobile game I’m sure you already know about, is now in Canada! Sort of. The game’s servers are down yet again in multiple regions including its newest location.

The game was officially released in maple leaf country a few hours ago, bringing some unexpected maintenance along with it. Because of this, Poke Trainers around the world have been hit hard with more server downtime. This marks the second Pokémon Go downtime today, and the 7th since release. Thanks a lot, Canada.

Just kidding. We love you Canada.


What do you think? Are you playing Pokémon GO? Of course you are, so let us know how you feel about it in the comments below.

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