Overwatch Competitive Season Has Begun


As of today’s update, Overwatch has officially added its ranked competitive mode. At the moment, due to some technical shenanigans, the competitive patch is only available on the PC version, but it should be coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions sometime next week. Blizzard has stated that they are working on their patching system so that future updates can be simultaneous across the board.

This first competitive season will also be shorter than usual, lasting two months instead of the intended three, the reason being that the initial delay on getting competitive mode out forced them to release it now, i.e., the middle of the summer. Starting with fall’s season, all future seasons will last three months, unless otherwise specified.

In regards to the ACTUAL GAME, I hope you’ve been playing quick play regularly, because competitive mode is locked until you reach level 25 (I haven’t had the opportunity to play myself, as I am only level 18). Once you’re actually able to start playing, you can start earning ranks, as well as special golden skins for weapons.

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