Nuka World Confirmed as Final Fallout 4 DLC


Pete Hines, Vice President of PR and Marketing at Bethesda, confirmed today that Nuka World, the next Fallout 4 story expansion, will be the last piece of DLC for the game. When asked on his Twitter, Hines gave a quick and concise response.

nuka last

This means after the Vault-Tec Workshop this month and Nuka World in August, development on new Fallout 4 content will end (though there will probably be patches and bugfixes for a bit longer).

I’m somewhat saddened by this news. Far Harbor was great, and Automatron was amusing, but it feels like the effort that was expended to make fluff like Wasteland Workshop and Contraptions would’ve been better funneled into more story DLC. I was really hoping for a big finale, like Mothership Zeta for Fallout 3. Still, who knows. Maybe Nuka World will be a satisfying capstone to the game. And if nothing else, there’s always mods to tinker with.

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