No Man’s Sky Under Investigation from UK Advertising Standards


The UK Advertising Standards Authority confirmed to Eurogamer that it is currently investigating No Man’s Sky after receiving complaints about the game’s advertising. The investigation is ongoing and focuses on the No Man’s Sky Steam store page, which includes assets that some consumers believe are misleading and do not represent the game. Hello Games and Steam have both been contacted by the ASA.

Screenshot from the Store Page alleged to be misleading.

The consumer complaints focus on screenshots and videos on the store page which they claim feature more advanced animal behaviour, large-scale combat and ship behaviour that can be found in the current release of No Man’s Sky. 

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  • Counterproductive

    Pfft. Good luck with that.

  • T40Rs731N

    The large scale battles do exist and have been confirmed, multiple times on Youtube.

    • SilverClock

      I fought and killed 23 pirates that were trying to raid a trading vessel, so yea they do exist..

  • Aaron blanchard

    Well, if false advertising by company’s about there video game is a problem then why wasn’t The Division sued or the countless other games that look better before release or are different then expected? It’s a game, play it, stop crying about it, refund it, burn it, sell it, put it in two pieces of marble rye and eat it…….. But a lawsuit… Cmon!!! This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands and can’t do something productive, like designing their own game to play.

    • Daniel Layton

      I think the immense hype that had built for No Man’s Sky ended up swinging straight back to hatred when it released, disproportionate hype led to disproportionate disdain. The massive amount of press coverage that the whole situation received is likely what exacerbated the situation and led to this investigation. UK ASA are known to be pretty ruthless so it will be interesting to see how this is resolved.

  • brubble

    Boy, when will Gearbox get theirs? Cant wait!