Nintendo NX Chip Revealed? – Rumor –


According to an industry insider, The Nintendo NX will be sporting a Nvidia Pascal Tegra chip. What does this mean for the upcoming console? Well, it may possibly reveal that Nintendo is planning on releasing a fairly powerful system to follow up the Wii U. While this news doesn’t look like Nintendo will be competing with the upcoming releases of the PS4 Neo, and Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio next year, it’s still not terrible news.

One of the highest marks for this, if the Console/Handheld hybrid rumors stand true, this chip will help the NX in being very power efficient. What do you think of these rumors? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

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  • Gamingfan

    It’s like sony fanboys don’t want nintendo to have a console on par with the competition and miss out on third party support just so they can bitch. Oh well, kids will be kids I guess. If you’re an adult and you do this get a life.

    • Nintendo doesn’t need to compete with the other two to be successful. Nintendo needs to be Nintendo, add in a little third part support and you have a gem.

  • Yeah, but is it a Tegra X1 or Tegra X2?

    • gordo100

      Ye this is just treading old water we know it’s a Tegra what important now is which one ! As that decision will make a big difference

  • Hvd

    nvadia chip in it?…fail

  • shadowhedgehogz

    It really needs a Tegra X2 if they want to get good third party support, otherwise.. once again they will get hardly any. Plus Nintendo want to profit from this machine, so if they put in a relatively weak chip and overcharge for it to boot that would suck.

    And i hope they have put proper control sticks this time, not the circle pads.

  • Matt

    I’ve looked up pascal and it demolishes ps4 neo in specs…

  • Matt

    Plus neo is stuck with ps4 ie neo is not a new console but rather a current console upgrade so it’s bottle necked off ps4 base….