Newer, Stranger Pokémon Revealed for Sun and Moon


You ever wonder if Nintendo just has like, a little room full of people whose sole job is coming up with new Pokémon? Like the guys who design LEGO sets? I wouldn’t be surprised.

In a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, two new Pokémon, as well as a new Alolan Pokémon variant were revealed.

  • Type: Null, a pure Normal Type. Apparently, it’s a completely artificial Pokémon designed to be on par with legendaries. I guess whoever designed the other artificial Pokémon like Porygon and Genesect was out sick.
  • Jangmo-o, a pure Dragon Type. I bet it evolves into something cool. Dragon Types usually do.
  • Raticate, formerly a pure Normal Type, is now a Dark/Normal Type. Living in urban areas made them really fat.

Some new characters and features were also shown in the trailer, such as Gladion, a Team Skull enforcer who likes JoJo posing, and the Aether Foundation, who is dedicated to protecting Pokémon from Team Skull and giving them safe havens to live in. Dexio and Sina from Pokémon X and Y have returned, on the hunt for the Legendary Pokémon, Zygarde, giving you a special stone to hunt down its wayward cells.

Sun and Moon run twelve hours apart from each other, with Sun running off your 3DS clock, and Moon running on a twelve hour delay. Event will unfold differently in both versions, such as a change in the Totem Pokémon you encounter.

A new mini-game called the PokéFinder was shown, which is kind of like a compact version of Pokémon Snap. You can take pictures of Pokémon roaming in the wild and in cities, and your Rotom friend will upload them to the internet and score them based on the positive feedback you receive. It’s unknown whether this actually does anything for you in the long run, but it’s a neat feature nonetheless.

Lastly, a special kind of Pokémon called Ultra Beasts was teased. One was shown, named UB-01, which kind of looks like a weird jellyfish thing. It is not currently known what UB-01’s Type is, or even what it is for that matter, but the implication is that it is not the only Ultra Beast out there.

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