New Upcoming Hitman Game to be Episodic Now


It looks like the episodic train continues to chug along as Square-Enix has chosen to make Hitman available episodically throughout the year.

The first part of the series, aka the “Intro Pack,” will launch on March 11 and consist of a prologue and the Paris locale while other areas like Italy  and Morocco will be downloadable starting in April and May. Hitman will then continue to receive regular monthly content updates.

IGN writes:

“The Intro Pack will start at $15 USD, with future locales being released as add-ons for $10 USD each. Players also have the option of purchasing the “Full Experience” for $60 USD up front, which will give them access to all of the year’s content. You can also upgrade from the Intro Pack to the Full Experience for $50 USD. A disc version of Hitman will ship sometime later in 2016, according to Square Enix.”

While Hitman is made by Eidos, it is still owned by Sqaure-Enix, the company that recently stated that the Final Fantasy VII remake will episodic as well. Perhaps this is testing the waters for the company for future games. Square recently published the Dontnod game, Life is Strange, that proved to be successful.

Hitman releases March 11th, 2016 on XONE and PS4, while the beta starts February 14th for the PS4 and February 19th for the PC.

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