New Pokemon Sun/Moon Details Released


Thanks to a new trailer, we now have some new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Firstly, we have the names of the new legendaries: Solgaleo, the Sun legendary, is a Psychic/Steel type with special ability Full Metal Body and special attack Sunsteel Strike. Lunala, the Moon legendary, is a Psychic/Ghost type with special ability Shadow Shield and special attack Moongeist Beam.

We also received some new details about the Alola region, including the names of the people who live there, such as the new Pokemon professor, Prof. Kukui and his mysterious assistant Lillie.

Also, your Pokedex has a Rotom in it. Not sure why, but it talks, so that’s pretty cool.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to release on November 18th, 2016.

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