New Pokemon in Sun and Moon, Battle Royals


As part of their day one presentation at E3, Nintendo revealed some new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.


During their livestream, the Treehouse hosts, accompanied by two of the game’s leads, played through a small nugget of the game, showcasing some of the Alola region and the new aesthetic touches on the battle system.


Chief among new information, however, is the reveal of three new Pokemon and a new battle type, Battle Royal, thanks to a new trailer.

The Pokemon are Pikpek, a Normal/Flying type, Yungoos, a pure Normal type, and Grubbin, a pure Bug type. Battle Royals are four-way free-for-all battles between four trainers, in which you can pick and choose your targets at will.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is releasing on November 18th, 2016.

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