New Persona 5 Footage From Livestream


Last night, Atlus hosted a Persona 5 livestream on NicoNico, wherein a metric butt-load of new footage was shown (sadly, not English subbed, but beggars can’t be choosers).

This first video is a full reveal of the game’s opening sequence, showcasing the protagonist, codenamed “Joker”, escaping from a large casino mid-heist. After a brief taste of combat against the demonic security guards and some quick stealth, the protagonist is cornered and captured by the police. After some rather intense interrogation, the player is given the chance to choose the game’s difficulty and name their protagonist (amusingly, the person playing the game names the protagonist “Shuujin Kou”, as in “shuujinkou”, which literally means “protagonist”). The protagonist is asked to recount his story, and the timeline flashes back as the game proper begins.

Secondly, a new, special dungeon known as the “Mementos” was revealed. Unlike the story dungeons, Mementos is auto-generated and completely free roaming, kind of like an overworld area. In Mementos, you can complete side-jobs and requests for money, items, and experience, all while being carted around by Morgana, who apparently has the ability to turn into a little van.

Thirdly, a new trailer for Persona 5 The Animation: The Daybreakers was shown, and air dates were released. The Daybreakers is an anime prologue to the game, showcasing an original side-story that will not be in the game proper (though new characters in The Daybreakers will appear the game). The anime will begin airing on Japanese television starting September 4th.

Lastly, we have the game’s full intro sequence. Bits of it were spliced into the game’s earlier trailers, but this is the full version that will be in the game.

Persona 5 will be releasing September 15th, 2016 in Japan and February 14th, 2017 in North and South America.

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