New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Released (UPDATE! P.O.’d CEO!)


Mighty No. 9, which is gradually becoming a case study on how not to develop and advertise a game, has had a new trailer released today titled “Masterclass”, in which a narrator who kind of sounds like someone’s dad tries to hype up the gameplay.

Y’know, usually dumb phrases like “a dash that makes you breakfast” would get my seal of approval, because that kind of humor is fun in small doses, but then you use something like “make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night”, and that just kind of feels like picking on your target audience. At this rate, people going to remember the atrocious advertising campaign more than the actual game. Seriously, look at this dislike bar.

mighty no 9 dislike

That’s some genuine hate right there.


This just in, Takuya Aizu, CEO of Mighty No. 9‘s co-developer, Inti Creates, had this to say about the trailer:

aizu pissed

Wow, now infighting. This game’s development has just been one horrifying miracle after another.

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  • So I finally watched this trailer, and my hype is kinda dying for it. I feel sorry for the poor guy who was paid to voice this trailer.