New Games Confirmed from Maximum Games


Maximum Games is certainly becoming a possible up and coming developer in a big way. With the release of Alekhines Gun coming out in March, which is the studios first in-house project, the studio has already announced two more titles in addition to the Loading Human VR title scheduled to release in 2016; Road Rage and The Technomancer in a partnership with Focus Home Interactive.

From the Short Pause website:

Road Rage

“Road Rage is a motorcycle combat game set in the dusty, dangerous town of Ashen. You are Ace, the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling underground crime in the city. With big dreams to become club president, you set in motion a new strategy to fulfill the goals of the motorcycle gang, using your skill on a bike to propel you into a position of ultimate control. Featuring 42 story-based missions, players will master 40 battle moves on 11 unique, customizable bikes. Road Rage comes to PS4™, Xbox One and PC this year. For more information about Road Rage, visit”

The Technomancer

“Set on Mars during the War of Water, The Technomancer is an enthralling new sci-fi RPG that offers dynamic gameplay and action-oriented combat along four different skill trees. Threatened by the secrets of his past, an aspiring Technomancer must navigate hostile environments searching for answers that could be the key to protecting his future. Along your adventure you will craft equipment, weapons, and armor for yourself and the companions you’ll recruit, nurturing relationships with these important allies. For more information about The Technomancer, coming to PS4™ and Xbox One, visit”

Maximum Games is a full service publisher of entertainment software around the world. [They] deliver premier, cross-generational console and digital titles that span the genre spectrum – from action, sports, and FPS to family-friendly puzzle games, mysteries, and arcade games.

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