New Burnout Game May Be On the Horizon as Criterion Games Lists New Job Openings


Yesterday, we learned through a Facebook post is that Criterion Games is looking for new members to join its team. After looking through the job openings, NuGame Network discovered the following jobs for hire through the Criterion web site:

Senior Sound Designer

Senior Concept Artist – Contract

Vehicle Handling Software Engineer – Contract

Software Engineer – Contract

Graduate Software Engineer – Contract

Vehicle Handling Designer – Contract

Environment Artist – Contract

Physics Engineer- Contract

Graduate Software Engineer

Game Designer- Vehicle Handling

Going by the Game Designer and Vehicle Handling Software Engineer, there is a very high possibility that Criterion is prepping for another entry in the Burnout franchise in the future. It was been eight years since the last Paradise released for the PS3 and XB360 and while the original group of developers have moved on the Criterion franchise, it is still in the hands of the new team at Criterion and EA.

Then again, it may not be. It is possible that they may do another Need for Speed. We will follow up with this story as we find out more. You can view the listing here: Criterion Jobs


What do you think? Could it Burnout? Are you eager for another one? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Burnout Paradise was my favorite game of last gen, and one of my most played Xb360 games. A new Burnout, in the style of Paradise, would be awesome 🙂