Mod Support for PS4 Bethesda Games Canned


So remember how Bethesda was super giddy about their new cross-platform mod browser thing for Fallout 4? Well, I hope you don’t own a PlayStation 4, because according to a recent announcement on Bethesda’s website, Sony has decided to give a big ol’ middle finger to the modding communities.

After months of discussion with Sony, we regret to say that while we have long been ready to offer mod support on PlayStation 4, Sony has informed us they will not approve user mods the way they should work: where users can do anything they want for either Fallout 4 or Skyrim Special Edition.

Bethesda has stated that they’re looking for ways to get Sony to agree to this, but until they do, PS4 owners are sadly SOL. If you play Fallout or Skyrim on Xbox One or PC, then this news has no effect on you. Amusingly, Microsoft has taken the initiative to brag about how the Xbox One versions offer mod compatibility in a series of tweets (gathered here by Polygon).

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