Megadimension Neptunia Steam Release Date Set


Idea Factory has announced the release date of the Steam version of Megadimension Neptunia VII. The game will be released on Tuesday, July 5th, and will have a weeklong 40% discount at launch, though the game’s base price has not yet been revealed. Idea Factory has also teased their first “Digital Deluxe Set”, with details coming soon.

The game will include a… mildly insane amount of free DLC at launch. These DLCs include things like costumes, missions, level cap increases, and sets of free items. Also, for you language sticklers, don’t worry, the Japanese audio is also included, and can be enabled and disabled at your leisure.

The full list of DLC, from the announcement page on Idea Factory’s site, is as follows:

  • Japanese voice audio
  • Histy’s Trial Item Set
  • Histy’s Beginner Item Set
  • “That” Ball
  • Challenge From Vermili Gym Delegate
  • Cross Jammer
  • Duel Shock
  • Invading Squeed Aliens
  • Tokimeki Memory
  • It’s Hard for Unpopular Men
  • Gamindustri’s Dark Demon
  • Charge on Titans
  • Freelance Job Starting With “Y”
  • Mouse Kingdom
  • True Companions
  • Unconfirmed, But In Progress
  • Nice Green and Yellow Coupling!
  • You’re Forever ~Green Demon~
  • Sniper Specialized Aircraft
  • Dragon Heroes
  • Older Sister Team
  • Evil Goddess ~Dark White~
  • White Wing Chocopiman
  • Mechamiso Technique
  • Ultimate Fusion! Dark Orange
  • Silent Whirlpool
  • Magigirl Rom and Ram!
  • Let’s Make Our Dreams Come True!
  • 1st Level Cap
  • 2nd Level Cap
  • 3rd Level Cap
  • Arfoire Δ
  • Train Man
  • Squeedmonsoon
  • Trillion God of Destruction Costume Set

No word yet on the DLC characters such as Million Arthur and God Eater.

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