Mass Effect: Andromeda – EA Play 2016


Earlier today EA held their pre-E3 conference where they showed off what they have been working on. One of those things showed was Mass Effect: Andromeda, unfortunately not much new information was released for Bioware’s new third person sci-fi shooter. Short snippets of “in-game” footage was shown, one of which revealed the name of your new ship being the “Tempest”. Along with this, there were more shots of people sitting at desks and not actual gameplay which I find disappointing.  Along with this new information was a strong emphasis from the developers that you are in a new galaxy and with that brings new environments and new creatures, allies and enemies alike.  A quote from the conference being “You are the alien..”.  Other news being that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be using the Frostbite engine.  Past Mass Effect games used the Unreal engine.

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