Leaked Photos of “Xbox One S” Surface Online


UPDATE: The Xbox One S has now been officially confirmed at Microsoft’s E3 conference. It has also been made clear that the Xbox One S is NOT the Xbox Scorpio, and that Scorpio will be something entirely different. For more on Scorpio, check out our article on the announcement.

Original Story:

The anticipated “Xbox Scorpio” seems to have an unofficially official title. Photos of a console named the “Xbox One S” (also known as Xbox One Slim) have surfaced online before Microsoft’s E3 conference.


This image was leaked earlier today describing the sleeker, slimmer, and sharper Xbox as being 40% smaller, packing a 2TB hard drive, and featuring 4K video output.


Later on, this second photo was leaked online, depicting the vertical position the new Xbox will support, along with a better look at the top side. It also depicts a new “streamlined” Xbox controller.


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