Knuckle Sandwich Battle System Trailer Released


Being a strange game, Knuckle Sandwich would need to have an equally strange battle system to fit the theme. Thanks to the new trailer (narrated by some empty-eyed vampire guy), we’ve got some insight into the brawling styles of Bright City.

Battle options are split into three primary categories: FIGHT, SKILL, and SPECIAL.

All characters use the same basic fight command, wherein a bar with a hit zone appears and starts swaying back and forth. To land a hit, you must land the scrolling bar within the hit zone, preferably on the small glowing critical hit spot. Smaller, faster enemies have hit zones that sway faster, so you’ll need some good kinetic vision to land consistent hits.

Skills affect the battle in subtle ways, like buffing your players (with a eerily silent moment involving a fetal position, for example) or inflicting status effects on the enemies.

Specials are big attacks that require the completion of various minigames, depending on the attack and the character. For instance, the protagonist’s “Complicated Punch” special has you completing a maze. Each maze you complete in rapid succession equals one more punch on the enemy.

Personally, I love when RPGs implement systems like these. Helps keep things fresh and involved. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to play Knuckle Sandwich.

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