Hey, Guess What? Even More New Pokémon Revealed, Plus Other Details


Nintendo has posted another new trailer showcasing some new Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

  • Oricorio, a Flying type whose primary type changes depending on which island you catch it on. It can be Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying, or Ghost/Flying.
  • Minior, a Rock/Flying type with the ability Shields Down, which reveals its differently colored inner core after taking heavy damage.
  • Gumshoos, a pure Normal type, and the evolved form of previously announced Yungoos. I think he’s supposed to look like a detective, but I’m still seeing Donald Trump.
  • Fomantis, a pure Grass type, and its evolved form, Lurantis, also a pure Grass type.
  • Mudbray, a pure Ground type, and the pre-evolved form of Mudsdale.

In addition, some existing Pokémon from the earlier generations have received new forms to blend in with Alola’s various climates.

  • Exeggutor switches from a Grass/Psychic type to a Grass/Dragon type (and has one long-ass neck).
  • Vulpix and its evolved form Ninetails switch from pure Fire types to pure Ice and Ice/Fairy, respectively.
  • Sandshrew and Sandslash switch from pure Ground types to Ice/Steel types.

The Alola islands utilize a series of trials with trial captains that will give you a themed challenge minigame, as well as a Kahuna that leads the island, and a Totem Pokémon battle at the end of each trial. It has not yet been confirmed whether this system has replaced Gym battles wholesale.

Lastly, a new mechanic known as “Z-moves” has been introduced. Once per battle, a Pokémon can utilize a powerful single attack (activated by dancing, for some reason), similar to Mega Evolution. Each type has a different Z-move.

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